Christine Wang

is a designer with a passion for publication, print, writing, branding, design systems, bookmarking beautiful typefaces, and crossword puzzles.

Currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design @ Rhode Island School of Design.

Currently Creative Director @ Brown Political Review & Designer @ Design Guild.

Previously @ Apple
Incoming @ Mythology.

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Publication Design
Publication created from Cao Fei’s Milkman (2005), a pseudo-documentary fiction exploring the mundane realities and escapist fantasies of the working class in China.

Two perfect bound books with an unfolding vellum accordion in the middle to distinguish the climactic dream sequence. Watch here.

Animated Mail Art

Motion, Print

Postcard series based off of Sianne Ngai’s “Our Aesthetic Categories,” which discusses the “zany,” the “interesting,” and the “cute” as aesthetic categories to process the radical transformation of aesthetic experience and discourse under the conditions of postmodernity. I created looping animations out of three of them.

Jude Will Catch us Longboarding

Web Design, Illustration

Web-form prose poetry with accompanying animations. Mimics a print experience with the particularities of a digital format. For desktop and mobile.

RISD Playground

Identity Design

Poster series + identity for a theoretical “RISD Playground” event promoting fun, leisure, and self-care amidst a stressful school environment. I drew on a combination of psychedelic patterns and childhood associations with play to create a colorful, slightly-nostalgic feeling of fun targeting Gen-Z undergraduates.

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Brown Political Review

Editorial Design

Art and design direction for Brown Political Review as Creative Director.