Christine Wang

builds bespoke visual systems through publication and identity. Previously at Regrets Only and Apple.

builds bespoke visual systems through publication and identity.


Publication Design

For Type III with Pouya Ahmadi

Publication created from Cao Fei’s Milkman (2005) that seeks to translate the look, atmosphere, and experience of watching the film into publication form. Milkman is a pseudo-documentary fiction exploring the mundane realities and escapist fantasies of the working class in China.

In Milkman, the dialogue is often unrelated to what one sees. To evoke this disconnect between thought and experience, the dialogue is separated onto vellum inserts between full-bleed screencap spreads, creating a gauzy effect where image and type overlap but never fully combine—where one is always a ghost to the other.

The sudden dream sequence, where the main character imagines himself carefree and wealthy, takes on a different form entirely: printed on yellow vellum and in accordian book form, the text weaves in and out of legibility as it merges directly with image and surface. Milkman consists of two perfect bound books with an unfolding vellum accordion in the middle to distinguish the climactic dream sequence.

Poker Hall of Fame

Identity Design, Motion

For Identity Design with Rich Rose 

Identity for the Poker Hall of Fame based on a stacked card motif. The flexible, modular logo expands and contracts to fit a range of needs across variously-sized collateral.

Which Winx Club Member Are You, Based on Your Opinions on AI Art?

Publication Design

For Intro to CTC with Griffin Smith

In the vocabulary of late 2000s teen magazine personality quizzes, the quiz and its results are written entirely through ChatGPT and question how the nostalgia of print interacts with the uncanny future of machines.

The aesthetics of the publication weave between the digital and the analog—the scrolling questions and a static scorecard mimic a two column webpage, while the grids overlaid in the white spaces suggest a drafting space for the human hand.

The RISO ink, which smudges easily with moisture, mimics the brightness of screen colors while also emphasizing the tactility of the print experience.

Brown Political Review

Editorial Design

For Brown Political Review

Art and design direction for Brown Political Review as Creative Director. 

In collaboration with Iris Xie, Daniel Navratil, Hope Wisor, Erin Roman, Alina Spatz, Patrick Farrell, Anna Jung, and Amy Lim.


Book Art

Hair and Bioplastic (Potato Starch, Glycerin, Gelatin), 4.5 x 6.5"

A book of my nightly journal entries written in strands of shed hair shaped into letterforms.

Long-term sleep deprivation from school, life, and health issues has most notably led to the increased fallout of my hair and memory decline. I keep a journal every night before I sleep to practice remembering and preserve my present memories for the future.

I made the bioplastic pages by hand using supermarket ingredients and a stove. I supplied the hair from naturally shed strands off of my bedroom floor.

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