Christine Wang

balances play with precision through identity, motion, and publication. Previously at Regrets Only and Apple.

builds bespoke visual systems through publication and identity.
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Poker Hall of Fame

Identity Design, Motion

Identity for the Poker Hall of Fame based on a stacked card motif. The flexible, modular logo expands and contracts to fit a range of needs across variously-sized collateral.

Degree Project: Becoming Hatsune Miku

Experimental Design, Web Design, Publication Design 

A deep dive into the crowd-sourced community of Hatsune Miku, a voice synthesizer branded as a virtual pop idol, and what it can teach us about the power of hybrid physical/virtual and individual/collective identity to mobilize rigid imagery. At its core, this project is a celebration of a digital community as strange and unique as the contemporary landscape it perseveres through.

Part 1: Book & Figure

This figure uses the body as a site of discourse to explore how the seamless fantasy of Miku’s image becomes increasingly fluid through her hybrid nature. I use a combination of 3D scanning & printing technology to work at the threshold of digital and material spheres as my costumed body is repeatedly translated between the two. In the language of anime figurines, the 1/6 scale figure stands lives in a custom cut display on the cover of a book case. The book case also houses all of this project’s writings in print.  

Documentation in progress.

Part 2: Website

This website is the central conclusion of this project,  integratating my writing with my visual explorations. The site implements a citation system that allows the user to create a personal archive, or “playlist” of relevant terms while paying homage to the Vocaloid community’s crowd-sourced knowledge base. The model of my 3D scan becomes a navigation system in which the body metaphors in HTML tags are flipped back onto the human figure.

Documentation in progress.


Publication Design

Publication created from Cao Fei’s Milkman (2005) that seeks to translate the look, atmosphere, and experience of watching the film into publication form. Milkman is a pseudo-documentary fiction exploring the mundane realities and escapist fantasies of the working class in China.

Knoll Workplace Research Library

Identity Design, Motion

Identity based on the ideas of modularity and divisions of space for Knoll’s workplace research division, which publishes articles investigating the physical and social conditions of the modern workplace environment.

The identity’s modular logo appears in three central arrangements that play with the motif of lines as movable partitions and express the library’s wide-ranging, innovative research.


Book Art

Hair and Bioplastic (Potato Starch, Glycerin, Gelatin), 4.5 x 6.5"

A book of my nightly journal entries written in strands of shed hair shaped into letterforms.

Long-term sleep deprivation from school, life, and health issues has most notably led to the increased fallout of my hair and memory decline. I keep a journal every night before I sleep to practice remembering and preserve my present memories for the future.

I made the bioplastic pages by hand using supermarket ingredients and a stove. I supplied the hair from naturally shed strands off of my bedroom floor.

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