Christine Wang

builds bespoke visual systems through publication, identity, and motion. Previously at Regrets Only and Apple.

builds bespoke visual systems through publication and identity.
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Waiting for Godot

Book Design

For Type II with Aki Nurosi
Reflecting on Waiting for Godot’s1 absurdist themes, I broke the traditionally linear typesetting of plays and arranged the characters’ lines at random on each page. The typographic system that assigns a typeface, color, and angle to each of the character’s lines speaks to the inherent complexity of a play. 

A colored line acts as a visual guide for chronology throughout the play and also connects each page to the next, emphasizing the continuity of the play.

The book can be read both traditionally (spread-by-spread) and unfolded into one long, continuous strip.

Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett in which two men wait for the titular Godot, who never arrives. The play is known for its various discussions among the characters and absurdist themes.

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